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​Our goals

1.To create opportunities for children to gain first-hand experiences in sports and arts, and by doing so, enhance their appreciation for both.

2.To allow children to learn about flowers, the unique “character” of various kinds of flowers and the preciousness of “life”; to understand Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), Zouka (artificial flowers), and cultures related to flowers. Children will develop a better understanding of the positive influence flowers have on people and our society. 

3.To link “sports,” “children,” and “fine arts” together. Children, including those who may not have had a chance to appreciate sports before, can actively engage in sports/arts events by designing and creating special flower bouquets. Such an experience combines the joy of watching sports and creating art for children.

☆2020 in our sight

Our work has been endorsed as part of the TOKYO 2020 “Youi, don!” educational program and as part of promotion effort, “beyond 2020” by the Olympics Chief Cabinet and Tokyo Paralympics Headquarters.” We promote cultural education for children and inculcate the service-oriented “mindset” of volunteers as part of our affiliation with the goals of this program.

<Our organizational history and main achievements>

Organization Name

A  general incorporated association: Kids Bouquet Project



Honorary Advisor: 石澤良昭

The representative of Board Directors:  藤本千春

Board Directors:    出野泰正
Board Directors:    古屋公啓
Board Directors:    太下義之
  Supervisors:        望月佳子



Our organization was first established by the volunteers from Flower Salon Victoire in Minatoku, Tokyo in 2013.


Since then, we have presented our bouquets in a number of various sports and arts events, such as blind soccer matches, Minato-ku public viewings, Soccer Japan National Team Asian Championship Second Preliminary Match.


Our project has been endorsed by the Japanese government as part of a nationwide program “beyond 2020” since 2017.


The organization became a general incorporated association in 2018 and continues to celebrate and support the efforts of athletes and artists with our bouquets.

☆The process of the Kids Bouquet Project 

<Case 1>

(In School OlympicParalympic Class at elementary)


<Case 2>

(Making bouquets on the day of the events and festivals)

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